Basically, if it is used as an energy source a large percentage of protein, muscle tissue begins to shrink, and it is a risk to your health. To minimize loss of muscle, it is necessary in the process involve physical activity since proteins like carbohydrates containing water, and in the second stage leads to its increased consumption. Weight loss amounting to 1 kilogram per day can be caused by skipping meals. Amount of water is not taken into account, since the 0.2 kg of body fat adequately released 1800 calories every day. Once adhered to a regular diet, the weight is again very easy to return to normal The Fat Loss Review

Used subsequently. Carbohydrates contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The ratio of these compounds is formed by water (2-4 grams water / glycogen). Consumption of carbohydrates to produce water also occurs. This is the reason why during the diet increases the volume of urine excreted. In the first phase of weight loss diets can record relatively quickly.  This decrease is due to loss of water only.

If the approach to weight loss soberly, let us remember that it is always a loss of body fat and consequently also reduce the percentage of fat in the body. However, with regard to the current look of the characters we see on the contrary increase the proportion of body Fat Loss Link. At this stage, therefore, not diets loss of body fat mass loss. Now there is only an increase in body fat percentage, not to lose weight.

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glad to read your article, very nice and useful for me .. thanks

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Thanks a lot for this post. I hope this works for me. If there is only an increase in body fat percentage, not to lose weight, then I’ll be surely trying it. I want to know more details ablout the price.


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